Action Items

If you know of an action item add it. If you want to do the action put it under your name (if your name isn't here add it alphabetically). If you have an idea who should do the action put it under their name—warning this might get you killed but will be greatly appreciated by the rest of us ;-) If you get an action which you can't do put it back under 'unassigned'. If an action is closed, mark it as such and if you'd like, document the accomplishment in the Log Book.

POC: Andy Mutch (Loon)

  1. Work with AYC to plan three meal menu and drink coupons
  2. closed: Paperwork with deposit to AYC — done 29 January
  3. closed: Reserve AYC for dinner — done
  4. closed: Schedule AYC room for Tug Talk, 9am-12pm Saturday, 25 October — done
  5. closed: Invite Cummins to come speak at 'Tug Talk' about the 4BT engine — they're coming
  6. closed: Can AYC host the LNVTs — no
  7. closed: Does AYC have a room for Tug Talk — yes
  8. closed: Could AYC host dinner — yes

POC: Bicki Howell (Nellie D.)

  1. Write a letter of introduction for contacting the local shops for donations
  2. Contact Print shops for estimates on T-shirts, mugs and stationary
  3. run the silent auction
  4. coordinate the Host Boats for out-of-town people/"Adopt a Tugger" program
  5. closed: Contact out-of town folks regarding the "Adopt a Tugger" program (13 Feb 08)
  6. closed: Create wiki pages for Cruise out general info/route/hotels (12 Feb 08)
  7. closed: Create a wiki page with suggestions of Annapolis hotels for out of town guests (29 Jan 08)
  8. closed: select Saturday nights no-host dinner venue. — It'll be at AYC.

POC: Dave Howell (Nellie D.)

  1. Establish location for second cruise out day
  2. invite Loren & Lani Hart, Tommie Chen and Jim Backus
  3. Submit list of Tugs, owner's names, and arrival/departure time to Harbor Master Due: 24 August
  4. closed:Help Heather complete the Annapolis Yacht Basin paperwork (for back up) Due: 15 March
  5. closed: See if discount/group rate available from Maryland Inns— no 07 Feb 08
  6. closed SEAPUPS form to Annapolis Mayor's office Due 31 January '08 — done 28 January
  7. closed: submit latest Rendezvous info to Tuggers Due: 10 January '08
  8. closed: get cost estimates from retaurants — done

POC: Heather Laird (Whistle)
#Contact local shops for donations and sponsorship

  1. closed: Complete Annapolis Yacht Basin paperwork for back up slip space (with Dave) Due: 15 March
  2. closed: Find a backup for slip reservations in case the Ego Alley request falls through—Annapolis Yacht Basin has room
  3. closed: See if we can get slip space at AYC — nope, there's a regatta that weekend

POC: Jeanne Niccolls (Knock Off)

  1. send email announcing Rendezvous and inviting the fleet to attend
  2. Community PR (contact local news papers, boating magazines, get added to "up coming events",write an article after the rendezvous for publication)
  3. Run the LNVT Recipe Swap

POC: Macy Galbreath (Lady)

  1. mail the 'Ships Stores' to Dave H. around 10/01/08
  2. mail the LNVT banner to Dave H. around 10/01/08


  1. Create "Story Board" giving information about LNVTs for display display at the Dock.
  2. Run the tug decoration contest at the dock
  3. Contact shops in Annapolis to be "sponsors"
  4. on 24 Oct. coordinate fleet arrival with Harbor Master's Office
  5. put together a welcome package (includes name tags, agenda, info on Annapolis, etc.)
  6. captain for the Cruise Out (determine route and lead the parade)
  7. organize the potlucks
  8. take notes and/or video of Tug Talk and write-up minutes for Tuggers
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