Annapolis Lodging Options

Adopt a Tugger Program

Signed up for the Annapolis Rendezvous and looking for a place to stay? Maybe you would like to consider the “Adopt a Tugger Program” which offers out-of-town attendees an opportunity to stay aboard a tug for the weekend. If you’d prefer this instead of a hotel room we’ll gladly facilitate your “adoption”. Contact Dave and Vicki Howell (moc.liamtoh|llewohbd#moc.liamtoh|llewohbd).

In Town

We have stayed at the Maryland Inn in downtown Annapolis. It is a historic building, built in the 1700s with the convenient upgrade of indoor plumbing. It's downtown and only a few blocks from Ego Alley. (rates as of Feb 1 $269/night)

Some of the B&Bs in town (14 are listed)

Near Town

Double Tree (rates as of Feb 3 $179/night)

Country Inn Hotel (rates as of Feb 3 $179-$189/night)

Garden Inn (rates as of Feb 3 $179-$189/night)

Super-8 (rates as of Feb 10 $85/night)

Comfort Inn (rates as of Feb 10 $140-$155/night)

Yachts for Charter

Alice and Jerry Morris on (Guinea Rider, 49#8) are investigating chartering a boat for the Rendezvous. In case other attendees might also be interested, here's a listing of some available Charters.

In Baltimore, Blue Goose Charters has a good selection of trawlers

Near Annapolis there are some possibilities such as Chesapeake Charters, Annapolis Bay Charters, and Chesapeake Sailing Charters, C Bay Leasing and South of Annapolis is Three Star Charter

There are also rentals available on the Eastern Shore (across the Bay) Tred Avon Yachts and C & C Charters

A few other options might also be found on

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