Log Book

This page is used to document progress and the actions which took place in order to pull off the Rendezvous. Simply add your entry right below this line.

29 Sep 08 Planning a meeting with the AYC on Thursday to settle the menu an costs. Bicki (Nellie D.)

29 Sep 08 The Sign-up forms were sent out to all folks on the attendee list. Dave also called some of the people who we'd not heard from in a bit. Looks like 10 boats are coming.

27 Sep 08 "Noon Meal Formation" was added to the agenda for Friday. The POC for this event will be Tom Blackwood. The formation will not be decided until the day of and 410.293.5001 must be called to see if it's scheduled. The lunch was moved back to 12:30 to enable people to attend.

27 Sep 08 Revisited the O'club to discuss details for Friday's Rendezvous Lunch. There is no dress code requirement. We can make a reservation once we have a head count of attendees. Dave and Bicki (Nellie D.)

26 Sep 08 Detailed questions of the AYC costs and menu adressed with the Club. Andy (Loon)

12 Sep 08 Review of menu and costs. Bicki (Nellie D.)

11 Sep 08 Andy Mutch provided AYC Menu to Committee members.

13 Aug 08 Heather and Jeanne submitted articles about the rendezvous to local publications.

29 Jun 08 Andy Mutch has volunteered to be the Cruise Out Captain. Bicki (Nellie D.)

1 Jun 08 Requested the use of an LNVT drawing owned by Tom Blackwood, done by Nancy Nelson, to use as our logo for the Rendezvous. Bicki (Nellie D.)

28 Mar 08 Here is the (Sponsor letter ) and a form we can use to document the donor's name, contributed items, etc. (Sign-up Form). Dave (Nellie D.)

15 Mar 08 The draft of the Sponsor letter for Heather to take to the Annapolis merchants was completed and forwarded to Dave for his signature and creation of LNVT letterhead. Bicki (Nellie D.) and Jeanne (Knock Off)

15 Mar 08 Regarding the dinner vs heavy hors d'oeuvres the committee agreed to the following: If we have 50 or less attendees it'll be a sit down dinner; more than 50 means its heavy hors d'oeuvres. However, we don't need to make a decision until early September (see new Planning Schedule). By then we'll have a better idea of the number of attendees. Dave (Nellie D.)

14 Mar 08 Added a Planning Schedule. It provides a chronological view of requisite tasks. Dave (Nellie D.)

13 Mar 08 Andy checked on the dinner reservations. Mary Hamitz at AYC has confirmed that The Commodore's Room is maxed out at 50 people for a sit-down dinner; however, the room can still work with up to about 65-70 people for a stand-up (limited seating) cocktail party with heavy, passed hors d'oeuvres and perhaps carving and pasta stations in the room. In addition, the Club would have a wine and beer bar in the room with full access to the 3rd Deck Bar just outside the door. This bar/lounge area would have small signs at the door saying "Private Function" but the Club can not prevent members from stopping in to get a drink (the area can't actually be closed off). Andy (Loon)

10 Mar 08 John (Knock Off) volunteered to run the silent auction. The action item list was updated to reflect this change. Bicki (Nellie D.)

8 Mar 08 We're up to 50 people for the dinner. I sent an e-mail to Andy (Loon) to see if he could get the larger room reserved for dinner at the AYC. Bicki (Nellie D.)

2 Mar 08 The 'Cruise Out' dates were extended to include anchoring in Cambridge, Md. The schedule change was posted on the agenda and on the 'Cruise Out' page. In the near future, there will be more details added to the rendezvous site regarding Cambridge. Dave (Nellie D.)

28 Feb 08 The Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Conference and Visitors Bureau informed us they will add the submitted Annapolis Rendezvous write-up to their events list. Bicki (Nellie D.)

27 Feb 08 Sent two e-mails to Susan Steckman (Director of Communications, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Conference and Visitors Bureau). The first was to close the loop and provide her with a PDF copy of our use on the Rendezvous site of the County's copy righted pictures. The second e-mail was a write up regarding the Rendezvous for inclusion in the County's events list. Jeanne (Knock Off) collaborated with Bicki (Nellie D.) to create the article submitted. Bicki (Nellie D.)

15 Feb 08 Got a great message from the Ric Dahlgren, Annapolis Harbor Master. He indicated to his staff regarding the rendezvous "this should be photo opp, as these are beautiful boats and they will be dressed up with flags. They would be good for showcasing the capabilities of our new docks." Bicki (Nellie D.)

13 Feb 08 All out-of-town attendees were contacted via e-mail or phone regarding the "Adopt a Tugger" program. Bicki (Nellie D.)

12 Feb 08 We're a go for reserved space in Ego Alley. Karen Engelke confirmed our SEAPUPS form made it through the gauntlet. The permit won't be issued until closer to the event. Ric Dahlgren said they'll attempt to put all the LNVTs together in ego alley and that the current moorage rate, $2/ft, may go up to $2.50/ft. Ric asked that the tugs not leave the slip during the Rendezvous as he can't guarantee someone else won't take the space. Dave (Nellie D.)

12 Feb 08 Created wiki pages for the Cruise out. Also added the "Adopt a Tugger" idea to the Annapolis Lodging wiki page. Vicki (Nellie D.)

7 Feb 08 Based on Andy's (Loon) suggestion to see if boats attending might like to offer out-of-town people a berth on board I'll try to coordinate an "Adopt a Tugger" program for the rendezvous. Bicki (Nellie D.)

7 Feb 08 Heard back from the Maryland Inns. We could only get a $30 discount on the rooms by guaranteeing them 9 rooms for the two days. The problem is that it is a home game and they can charge more and will be full. Bicki (Nellie D.)

5 Feb 08 Dave called the Historic Inns to get a group discount. The POC was out for the day and will call us tomorrow. Bicki (Nellie D.)

5 Feb 08 Dave called the Annapolis Yacht Basin to discuss the back-up slip reservations. He was told a delay in securing reservations for at least a month wouldn't risk loss of the slip space. Hopefully we'll know by then if we have a reservation in Ego Alley. Bicki (Nellie D.)

1 Feb 08 Heather is sending the Annapolis Yacht Basin paperwork to Dave who will help her complete the reservation paperwork. Bicki (Nellie D.)

31 Jan 08 I called The Annapolis Yacht Basin and they look like they have room for us. They faxed over some paperwork. Heather (Whistle)

29 Jan 08 Created a new page to list Annapolis hotels for the out of town guests. Bicki (Nellie D.)

29 Jan 08 Hi, all. The attached cover letter, ayccover.doc, went out today to the Annapolis Yacht Club with the completed and signed Contract and Questionnaire, and with your deposit check, for our morning 'Tug Talk' meeting and our evening sit-down dinner on Saturday, October 25th. In time we will need to discuss everybody's thoughts on menu choices and bar options but for now we are just securing the spaces. Let's keep talking and planning. Andy (Loon)

28 Jan 08 Submitted the SEAPUPS.doc form to Karen Engelke, Annapolis Special Event Coordinator. SEAPUPS stands for Special Events Application for Private Use of Public Space/Services. I then called her with a credit card number to pay the $25 fee. I've taken an action item to check back with Karen on 7 Feb. Until we have City approval we won't know about moorage in Ego Alley. Dave (Nellie D.)

27 Jan 08 Posted a note about the recipe swap on the West Coast Rendezvous wiki. Jeanne (Knock Off)

25 Jan 08 As much as I don't want to, it'll be necessary to collect funds (via a registration fee) in advance of the Rendezvous. AYC requires prepayment for the facilities and all meals. I'm checking now with Ric Dahlgren to see how the Annapolis Harbor master handles moorage payment. Dave (Nellie D.)

24 Jan 08 Spoke with Andy this morning. He's got us 'penciled-in' for both Tug Talk and Dinner at the Annapolis Yacht Club! To reserve the facilities AYC requires $1000 deposit which I'm sending to Andy today. Dave (Nellie D.)

17 Jan 08 Investigated the dinner venues. Found that most places didn't offer a private room and those that did required a large fee ranging from $350 to $850. Bicki (Nellie D.)

  • Decided to hold the dinner at the AYC on 25 Oct 08.
  • Andy Much has been a long time member (35 years) and agreed to work the details for the dinner.
  • Also decided to offer a no-host lunch on Friday 24 Oct 08 at the Annapolis Navy Academy for anyone interested. Bicki (Nellie D.)

12 Jan 08 Thought I'd check a few resturants in Annapolis when I'm in town for another appointment on 17 Jan 08. Suggestions from friends where the The Officers Club at the Academy, the private Fleet Club on Ego Alley—we are not members, Carroll's Creek restaurant, which is located across Spa Creek from the Annapolis Y.C. and the Irish place Galway Bay. which is up on Maryland Avenue near the State House. I'll check it out and report back to the committee. Bicki (Nellie D.)

4 Jan 08 We decided to hold Tug Talk at AYC on Saturday 25 October from 9-12. No refreshments will be served. Dinner that evening will be in a TBD restaurant in town. Dave (Nellie D)

2 Jan 08 Researching Tug Talk and Dinner venues, for 20 people on 25 Oct:

  • Buddy's Crabs and Ribs 410.626.1100. Kevin Blonder moc.enilnosyddub|nivek#moc.enilnosyddub|nivek
      • Tug Talk in private room coffee, donuts, salmon $10
      • Dinner, two large tables in public space, $29+tax+tip
  • Phillip's Seafood 410.990.9888. Noah Kegley
      • Tug Talk in private room coffee, donuts, etc. $15
      • Dinner in public area off menu $15 and up
  • Middleton Tavern 410.263.3323. Joy
      • No for Tug Talk
      • Dinner off menu, can reserve public space

The Navy football schedule has a huge impact when it comes to planning events in Annapolis. The good news is that it's not homecoming weekend—however, Navy is at home and playing SMU.

2008 Navy Football Schedule
Aug. 30 Connecticut
Sept. 13 at Duke
Sept. 20 Rutgers
Sept. 27 at Wake Forest
Oct. 4 at Air Force
Oct. 18 Pittsburgh (Homecoming)
Oct. 25 SMU
Nov. 15 Notre Dame (Baltimore)
Nov. 22 at Kent State
Dec. 6 Army (Philadelphia)
*Two games to be added

27 Dec 07 No room at AYC for the tugs on 24 & 25 Oct '08 . Now looking at Ego Alley as primary with possible backup at Eastport YC. AYC can host Tug Talk and Saturday's dinner. Dave (Nellie D.)

20 Dec 07 Had a running dialog with Ric Dahlgren, Annapolis Harbor Master, today. He pointed out that the Rendezvous dates of 17-20 Oct '08 coincide with with the Annapolis Power Boat Show. I asked if the weekend of 24 Oct '08 would work. Quoting from his email:

"Yes, but we'd need the particulars well in advance. (boat sizes, arrival and departure times, etc). In addition, since we would be allowing public space to be spoken for in advance by a private group, we would require that you fill out a SEAPUPS form which we use to track such events. I have copied Karen Engelke with this, she is the person who administers those."

So, it sounds like if we want to use Ego Alley we can. I sent an email to Karen asking her about the SEAPUPS form and one to Ric saying we could comply with their advance data requirements and that I'd poll our members to make sure the new dates 24-27 Oct '08 work . Still pursing AYC as a venue option too. I emailed Andy and asked if AYC could support the Rendezvous 24 & 25 Oct '08 in lieu of the previously requested 17 & 18 Oct '08. Andy emailed back saying he'd ask AYC.

Updated the wiki with the new Rendezvous dates. Dave (Nellie D.)

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