Lead for Missing Boats

From Pauline 41LN48

I know of two other Lord Nelson 41s in Brisbane/Gold Coast area - one
is Susitna from Alaska, also sold in Australia in 2004 to David Light.
I have lost touch with David, so cannot get info on Susitna, but will
keep trying, as he was a friend. Another, which I have no info on,
was anchored in Surfers Paradise, a couple of months ago, close to
friends of mine, who will try to get details for me to pass to you.

Great info on the HC38MkII (http://www.svsyrah.com/p/fleet-hc38t-hc38mkii.html) According to them Craig Beckwith is a Hans Christian guru.

http://www.yachtingjournal.com/directory/boats/builder-oey (enter the url from outside the site to get it to work)

Fairwind, 41LN10, Peter Nordlie. XSA004100282

Kavenga LN41 in Seattle DOC#:663519 1983 but no hull # in record

Grace, Kees Velvkamp bought in 2009 cruisedfrom Guernsey to holland, has nice YouTube videos: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AeW11YeEASo

Free Spirit 35LN Seattle Not FOund in NOAA nice youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUqcS3DpOd8

Tradewind LN41 Ontario, Canada Not Found in NOAA from a Jan '13 SWF posting: We just bought (ok, a few months ago) a 41 Lord Nelson named Tradewind. It's currently on the hard as the previous 2 owners (I think 2? maybe more) neglected it so it needs quite a bit of work. I've been looking for an owner's forum or something like that and haven't found one unfortunately.

Aurora LN41 From SWF: We own the Lord Nelson 41 named Aurora. We have been cruising full time since 2007 and in the Caribbean since 2010. They are very sea worthy and we are enjoying the sea ans sun. There was a Lord Nelson group at one time but it is no more so I hope some other owners will check in here.
Marita, aboard Aurora, St David's Grenada

Done—Orion 41LN16 Sugarland Texas Not Found in NOAA. From a March '13 SWF posting: I own LN 41 Hull 16 "Orion". I maintained a private site for owners for a couple of years but other commitments kept me from updating it. I have recently created a Facebook Group and a Google Community for owners and aficionados. You'll need to join Facebook or Google+ to access the respective groups. I created the sites so that owners can participate as desired without me having to do the upkeep needed for a full private website. They're closed groups so please request access when you first visit and I'll get you in pronto. Cheers, Dan B.

DONE—-DOC#684539 Talmid built 1985, GREG STANDARD, 209 MAPLE ROAD KEMAH, TX 77565 No Hull # on NOAA site, Previous name Denali
Voodoo Child, Florida LN 41 HAO410230483

Done—Grey Max, OEY350060985

Done—Tashtego 41LN31 built 1983 bought boat June 2013 HAO410311183 DOC#673606

Done—Pleiades 35LN22 Ziggy out of Michigan krystynaseuropeanspa.com DOC#:927373 OEY350221186

Done—Embla, Spain 41LN14 HA0410140582 Doc#676906

DONE—Vanora OEY350090186 35LN in CA Bought in seattle moving her to Napa getting her ready for life on the water. Owner is a union iron worker. Document #696066

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