This site was created to facilitate communications for the Gibson Island Rendezvous planning committee members. Additionally, everyone in the LNVT community is invited to review our plans and update this wiki. The advantage of a wiki is that each of us can change the information contained in it. Think of our wiki as a place where we document what each of us knows. For example, if you hear that someone's going to attend the Rendezvous and their name is not on the list, add it. If there's an unassigned action item, and you want to take the task on, put it under your name. Or, if you think of a new action item, add it to the wiki. Don't worry about screwing things up. Another advantage of a wiki is that undoing changes is a breeze (use the 'history' link at the bottom of the page—try it, you'll like it ;-).

If you're going to make changes to this site, and we hope you are, please create an account (link is at the top right of all pages) and login. It's fast and easy.

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