What are your ideas to improve the Rendezvous? Just add your text right below this line so the most recent suggestion/comment is at the top.

11 Jun 08 How about putting together a "Attendee overviewā€¯ that might include: Name(s), Boat Name/Hull Number, Homeport, City of Residence, Length of Ownership, Boating Experience, Special Boat Repair & Maintenance Skills, Major Boat Repairs/Improvements, Current/Previous Occupation(s), LNVT (and other) Cruising Experience, Planned LNVT Upgrades/Improvements. Phil (Brave Duck)

16 Mar 08 Agree with tracking the expenses. I'll create a page. Dave (Nellie D.)

14 Mar 08 Might be a good idea to have a wiki page which tracks expenses. Right now we've spent $25 to submit the paperwork for Ego Alley Reservations. We also put down $1,000 to reserve the AYC for the Saturday night dinner. Bicki (Nellie D.)

18 Feb 08 Got great ideas from Jeanne (Knock Off) and Andy (Loon) regarding where to take the fleet on a second cruise out day. Bicki (Nellie D.)

17 Feb 08 May be a good idea to have the cruise out extended for a second day. Bicki (Nellie D.)

17 Feb 08 Heather agreed to check with local shops for sponsorship. Heather (Whistle)

16 Feb 08 Be nice to have door prizes. Maybe we could get "sponsorship" from some of the local shops to provide a few prizes. We could list the sponsors at the dock side. Bicki (Nellie D.)

15 Feb 08 Create a "story board" display with information about the LNVT for the public to read while the boats are on display at Ego Alley. Bicki (Nellie D.)

12 Feb 08 We have Ego Alley and we'll be drawing a lot of attention. I think we should have a "Best Decoration of your Tug" contest. A prize for the best decorated tug can be awarded. We can include the announcement for the informal contest in the package that Jeanne Niccolls sends out to confirm the attendees. Bicki
(Nellie D.)

10 Feb 08 We have gotten questions on the Cruise Out from Sue Fahndrich (Concinnity). Probably need to create more information on the wiki to help attendees and encourage them to plan on attending. Bicki (Nellie D.)

07 Feb 08 Liked Andy's idea about accommodating out-of-town people on board . Thought we might be able to build on that and create an "Adopt a Tugger" program. Some thoughts: Ask each out-of-towner if they want to be put up for adoption. ( Put an announcement in the Tugger's Newsletter, send e-mails and put on the wiki site) Bicki (Nellie D.)

07 Feb 08 Home Navy games do place high demands on the local hotels & motels. Ali & I could easily accommodate one couple at our home and, last time I checked, our boats can each accommodate a couple of guests on board for a night or two or six. Why can't we work it out that we'll stay on board the boats? Just a thought. I'll make some calls and let you know what I learn. Andy (Loon)

01 Feb 08 Suggest the welcome package be something handed out at the rendezvous. The package could include: List of attendees and boat names, Agenda, Annapolis tourist information, Directions to AYC and a map of the city. Bicki (Nellie D.)

29 Jan 08 Macy (Lady) suggested we get the list of hotels out to people who are attending. I suggested that Dave create a page on the wiki for people to access the information. Dave asked me to create the page—hmm. I guess it's mine. Bicki (Nellie D.)

29 Jan 08 Heather (Whistle) volunteered to find backup dock space for the rendezvous. The Eastport Yacht Club is hosting a regatta and is unable to take us. Heather will continue looking. Thanks Heather

29 Jan 08 Might be wise to obtain a backup slip reservation for the redezvous in case the Ego Alley permit is disapproved. Bicki (Nellie D.)

18 Jan 08 Jeanne (Knock Off) suggested a recipe swap for the attendees. I think it's a great idea. Thanks Jeanne. Bicki (Nellie D.)

10 Jan 08 What's the plural of rendezvous? Rendezvous. Go figure ;-)

9 Jan 08 Macy recommended that we get some t-shirts made for the rendezvous.

27 Dec 07 The CruiseDestinations.pdf lists some great places in easy reach of Annapolis.

22 Dec 07 The Landings pdf is very nice. Perhaps it should be included in our upcoming email announcing the Rendezvous too. Dave (Nellie D.)

21 Dec 07 Good idea Macy I've added contacting Cummins as an action item. Dave (Nellie D.)

21 Dec 07 You might want to see if Cummins would have someone come to the dock and talk about the engines. I thought that Rich Murdy out here (in Seattle) was well received. Macy (Lady)

21 Dec 07 We might want to get copies of this brochure for everyone as part of the welcome packet: "Landings" from the Four Rivers Heritage Area: Jeanne (Knock Off)

18 Dec 07 I like the silent auction idea below and am willing to take the job on. I've added my name to the Action Item List and placed this task under my name. Bicki (Nellie D.)

18 Dec 07 Rather than charge everyone a fee for attending why not do a silent auction? If everyone donates some "bilge treasures", we'll lower our water lines, have some fun, and painlessly raise the small sums needed to cover the event. Dave (Nellie D.)

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